Feminine Wash: Intimate Hygiene Routines

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, personal health and hygiene are sometimes neglected – in some cases, drastically. This is why prioritising our well-being becomes essential, and that also includes maintaining a proper feminine hygiene routine. Amongst the products women can use in this routine are feminine washes. It’s a cleansing solution that is meant for use only on the external parts of the vagina to keep us feeling clean and comfortable. Let’s delve into how this product is a must-have in an intimate hygiene routine by exploring its role in the different facets of our lives.

Professional Life

A hectic professional life has surprisingly adverse effects on a woman’s vaginal hygiene. The high stress levels that come with long hours of work can potentially offset the pH levels of the vagina. This imbalance in pH levels can lead to a greater susceptibility to vaginal infections such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Women who have limited bathroom breaks at work may also find themselves with inadequate time for proper cleansing which may cause irritation and discomfort to the vagina during working hours. Incorporating the use of feminine washes in your daily routine can help the vagina stay clean and fresh throughout a long day at work. Its gentle cleansing power and pH-balancing properties maintain a healthy vaginal pH level to avoid contracting any harmful infections.

Sex Life

For us women, our vaginal hygiene may be closely tied to having a satisfying sex life. A build-up of trapped sebum and sweat may result in irritation, unpleasant odours to the vagina or even in more serious cases, an infection. This may lead to a lack of comfort and confidence in one’s body which will negatively affect any sexual experience down the line. These washes can neutralise unpleasant odours effectively without disrupting the natural musky scent of the vagina. By removing this unpleasant odour, we can boost our overall self-esteem and confidence – especially when it concerns our sexual activities. Incorporating this product into an after-sex care routine may help us to have more enjoyable sexual experiences. That said, these washes can also be used before sex, making it a versatile addition to an intimate hygiene routine.


During periods, women who do not practice proper vaginal care routines are at a higher risk of contracting infections caused by bacteria present in the blood that was shed. The vagina’s skin that comes into contact with the excess blood may cause a nagging irritation. Furthermore, a lingering unpleasant odour is often left behind by menstrual blood. Merely changing sanitary pads regularly is not enough to assure the cleanliness of the vagina. Instead, try using feminine washes to cleanse the vagina before changing into a fresh sanitary pad. Traces of menstrual blood that are most likely stuck to the skin of the vagina can be removed to ensure it remains clean and free from bacteria. The odour caused by menstrual blood is also neutralised – giving you a sense of freshness. Feeling fresh, clean and comfortable goes a long way in positively impacting our confidence – especially during periods where we might feel at our worst.

Having feminine washes as part of an intimate hygiene routine is a convenient and versatile way of keeping our vaginas clean across our professional lives, sex lives and menstrual cycles. Embrace the comfort and confidence that comes with a comprehensive intimate hygiene routine to take on the demands of everyday life, with the help of effective vaginal care products such as these washes.

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