Every woman is unique and that same uniqueness applies to her vagina. So a normal, healthy vagina may be different from one woman to the next. What’s important is that you understand what is normal, healthy vagina for you.

A healthy vagina is when the good bacteria in the vagina environment is constantly kept at a certain amount which helps regulate the pH level of your vagina. Just by tipping the scale of the pH balance, you’re in for an unsettling experience with your vagina. You might get itchy and scratchy at times, odour will begin to set in and you’ll begin to feel uncomfortable for most part of the day.

To keep your vagina healthy, its pH level has to be in the region between 3.8 and 4.51 for good bacteria to do its job of naturally protecting and clansing your vagina. These good bacteria produces lactic acid which actually maintains their living environment in your vagina.2 So be careful that you don’t mess up the pH level by using alkali-centric personal hygiene products such as soap or body wash. They do more harm than you’d imagine. Find out why soap and body wash is Bubble Trouble and your vagina will just go out of whack because of it.

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