5 Lesser-Known Benefits of Feminine Wash​ ​

Feminine washes are just one of the many feminine hygiene products that we, as women, use to keep our vaginas healthy and feeling clean. These washes are specially crafted to care for the most delicate part of a woman’s body – the vagina – and meant to be used externally on the clitoris, vaginal opening and vulva. Besides acting as a gentle cleanser, feminine washes hold other surprising benefits that some may not be fully aware of.

Let’s explore five lesser-known ways how these washes can benefit you:

1. Maintains pH Balance

Washes that are “pH balanced” contain the recommended ingredients to maintain the vulva’s natural pH level. Maintaining this balance is important to ward off any growth of harmful bacteria and decrease the risk of contracting an infection. It’s important to note that women may experience changes in their vaginal pH levels during certain times of the month, such as during menstruation or pregnancy. Thus, feminine washes offer a helpful solution to address any changes in pH levels of the vagina at different stages of the menstrual cycle.

2. Reduces odours

Even though most of these products are unscented, they still help to neutralise the odour of your delicate lady parts. However, it is important to recognise that the vagina is naturally meant to have a musky scent. Feminine washes are then useful when dealing with any unpleasant odours caused by trapped sebum, excess sweat, traces of urine and menstrual blood to make you feel more confident and self-assured.

3. Reduces Irritation

Available in hypoallergenic options, these washes are also suitable for use on sensitive skin. As women, we may experience occasional itchiness around our vaginas due to a build-up of sweat and trapped sebum. Feminine hygiene washes step in to hydrate the sensitive skin of the vulva and other external parts of the vagina. Each wash soothes affected areas to ease the discomfort from itchiness. Moreover, these washes may also prove to be essential if you contract an infection that causes consistent irritation or inflammation.

4. Reduces Risk of Bacterial Infections

Unlike the vagina, the vulva isn’t self-cleaning. Thankfully, the antibacterial properties of feminine washes can effectively defend the vulva against bacteria that it is likely to be exposed to; for example, through something as casual as a minor cut from shaving. This in turn prevents any such infection from spreading to your vaginal canal, ensuring your vaginal health remains protected.

5. Reduces Risk of Fungal Infections

Yeast infections are fungal in nature and are quite a common inconvenience among women. The gentle cleansing power of intimate feminine washes removes excess sweat and any harmful bacteria that can lead to yeast infections. Furthermore, the pH balance of these products makes it harder for yeast to breed around your intimate areas – making it less likely for you to contract such infections. This can help you stay comfortable and free from itchiness, burning, and other symptoms that are associated with yeast infections.

As we wrap up this article, we would like to remind you that feminine washes are valuable for maintaining vaginal hygiene as they balance the pH level of the vulva, reduce unpleasant odour and irritation while lowering the risk of infections. That being said, we advise that you take time to understand how these products are meant to be used to avoid adversely affecting your vaginal health. Only use these washes on the external parts of the vagina to enjoy their benefits. By incorporating these products into your daily hygiene routine, you can live confidently with your v-health protected.

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