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What's Your Lactacyd Lady Personality?

Embracing ourselves for who we really are is one of the joys of celebrating womanhood.
Because no two women are alike, we are all uniquely different individuals.
Here's a fun and insightful quiz to help you understand yourself better, and discover the Lactacyd that's best for you. Are you ready to find your Lactacyd Lady Personality?
Let's go!

Your idea of a fun weekend involves...
Shopping, cafe hopping, and exchanging gossip with the sisterhood. Plus a couple of pretty selfies to end the week. Packing in as much action as you can. Running errands. Spending time with loved ones. I.e. You want to do them all. Catching up on your favourite magazines, movies, and TV series. Plus a scrumptious home-cooked fiesta to top it off. Sipping cocktails by a beach club, catching a tan, and keeping an eye out for the occasional hunk. Life's good.

If the fashion police raided your wardrobe, what would they have to say about your style?
Mostly t-shirts, jeans, and anything that gets you into a comfortable mood. There're enough running tights and tank tops in here to last an entire year. If there's one thing you can't get enough of, it's dresses. Florals, polka dots, or lace, you've got them all. Pantsuits. Blazers. And power stilettos. Excuse me, are you a career woman?

Supposing money is not an issue, which job would you rather be doing?
A YouTube sensation who harnesses the power of the Internet to share personal advice and experiences which help people. A motivational speaker who moves and makes the world with her intelligence and compassion for humanity. A freelance designer with an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, and is good at handcrafting little pieces of art. A yoga instructor who travels the world, inspiring others to achieve physical and mental balance through exercise.

While sitting in the park, a cat suddenly comes up to you and starts talking. Its first words to you would be...
Erm... Cat's don't talk. I know the answers to the secrets of the universe. Come closer and I'll whisper them into your ears. Wow, you're so pretty! Please take me home.

When life gets you down sometimes, you deal by...
Using the power of adrenaline, sweating it out if you're alone or dancing up a storm if you're with friends. Crying it out. Perhaps with a tub of ice cream but once you get over it, sunshine and rainbows return to your life. Rationalising the problem and then coming up with a feasible solution, as calmly as you can. Spending hours on the phone with a close friend, pouring out your sorrows and seeking advice from someone you trust.

At the movies, you're most likely to spend your dollar on...
Romantic comedies Art films Whatever's opening that week Action flicks

You've been saving up for a whole year. Now's the time to take that dream vacation at...
New Zealand. Because it's outdoor adventure at its best. Bungee jumping, helicopter rides over glaciers, and trekking through national parks. Oh yes! Paris. Because it's the most romantic place in the world! Just pack me a DSLR, a journal, and a French soundtrack and I'm ready to go. New York. Because NYC has everything! Museums, malls, restaurants, and pockets of outdoor spaces. Maldives. Because nothing beats the leisurely pace of lazing on an island, just snorkelling and indulging yourself in a good book under a giant umbrella.

Ideally, your partner should...
Be a good listener. Someone who is strong, silent, and has the patience to listen to you and advise you when you're feeling lost. Have a sense of humour. Someone who is gentle, romantic, and always knows the right words to say to make you smile. Be mentally strong and physically fit. Someone who shares your interests and is always there to catch you when life gets too hard. Be mature and independent. Someone who understands your passion for work and personal development and supports you in striking the perfect work-life balance.

The most played song in your playlist is most likely to be...
Something instrumental A pop anthem An angsty rock track A new age composition

If you were stranded on an island, the one item you cannot live without would be...
A bed. Your very own bed. Sunscreen. Maximum SPF, please. A tablet (and Wi-Fi, of course!) A mirror. To look good when you're being rescued.